A “Happy Friday” Give-Away

I know it appears that there are only four of us living in our home, but that’s not completely accurate. No, there’s actually a fifth honorary member of our family, and he’s (yes, it’s a “him”) the inspiration for this month’s “give-away-for-a-good-cause.”

So before I introduce the give-away, let me tell you a little about this special member of our family.

He goes with us EVERYWHERE. 

To the park, to the couch, to the store, to the dinner table, to Chipotle, to the bathroom, to church, to the Post Office, to the porch, to Target, to festivals, to the beach, to other houses, to hotels…like seriously…he goes EVERYWHERE with us.

He is there in EVERY TIME.

In the happy times, in the sad times, in the lonely times, in the melt-down times, in the uncertain times, in the bored times, in the tired times…like seriously…he is there for EVERY TIME.

He is green AND brown. 

Such lovely, comforting colors…like seriously…he matches with EVERYTHING.

He has a velvety-soft side AND a rougher-furrier side. 

Such pleasant, soothing material…like seriously…he meets EVERY tactile need.

He is big.

30 inches long, 40 inches wide…like seriously…he can be seen from ANYWHERE.

He has a tag. 

It’s small, soft, super-worn, and simultaneously rubbed while sucking the thumb…like seriously…by default, he may be the sixth member of our home because tag goes EVERYWHERE too.

He has a clone. 

Just in case something happens to him or just in case he needs to be washed…because seriously…he needs to be present ALL the time.

He is Caden’s BFF (best furry friend).

…because seriously…he is with him ALL the time.

His name is “ my blankie.”

…and seriously… I am semi-convinced that there must be some gene-involvement in this blanket connection because there’s another guy in this home who had a “friendy” when he was a wee lad.  Just sayin’…

In this house, we love us a “my blankie” and in a lot of ways…NEED a “my blankie.” 


I realize this was quite the lengthy introduction to this month’s give-away, but I think it helps explain why my heart was drawn to this endearing cause.

So…without further ado, let me introduce you to “Everything Happy” and share some excerpts about their mission.

“…Trademarked by its “one to love, one to give” philosophy, Everything Happy is determined to bring smiles to every child – both locally and worldwide…”

“…For every Happy product purchased, another one is given to a child in need…”

“At the age of 7 years, young David [founder of the company] was inspired by his sisters’ favorite treasures-blankies and stuffed animals…”

“From orphanages to hospitals, to poverty-stricken communities, Everything Happy has touched the lives of thousands of children. David and his family, along with the Everything Happy team, have witnessed the power of donating a smile.”

So what am I giving away this month? Well, I guess you could say that I’m giving away some SNUGGLES!

I will be giving away one of these huggable, lovable “Snuggle Pals” and in turn, one additional “Snuggle Pal” will be donated to a child in need.


Here’s a link to all of the available “Snuggle Pals.”

There’s no need to have a child in order to vie for a “Snuggle Pal,” everyone knows of someone who could use a snuggling friend.

Just tell me your favorite item you snuggled as a child and using a random lottery system, I will choose a winner on Monday!

Ps. There’s not a limit to how many “give-away” prizes you can win, so comment away!

12 thoughts on “A “Happy Friday” Give-Away

  1. I love this give a way! I drove through Columbus rush hour twice last week to retrieve my baby girls lost lovie!

    My lovie was a stuffed Minnie mouse! When I broke my arm when I was five she was with me at the hospital and we’ve been BFF’S ever since 😉

  2. I love it, Jess! I love reading everyone else’s comments on these! 🙂 I had a little stuffed doll that I so cleverly named, “Baby.” No backups for me, though. My parents tried. I could tell the difference. The poor little doll was super nasty!!! If I could not find Baby in the middle of the night, I would scream bloody murder until my Dad came in like a super hero to get her for me.

  3. What a great company! I look forward to shopping there!
    Anyway…my favorite snuggle bug item was a huge puffalump named “Biggie”. He didn’t go everywhere with me but he was my best bed buddie!

  4. Julie was the only one in our pack that had the snuggle-able. Her’s was a ‘gaukie’ and since this was a while ago it started out as a light weight blanket which before she gave it up was a cloth diaper with the binding from the blanket resewn around the edge which eventually got tied in knots because the diaper was frayed and shredded! Oh, what smiles this post brought back. Maybe some old person needs a snuggle pal,too! Janet

  5. I had my thumb that was a special companion, so I hear, and I can’t remember if I had a special blankie! My mom can’t remember if it was me or one of my sisters that had a blankie that got so worn out that they had to keep cutting it down to smaller squares until it was finally done away with 🙂

  6. J. Fred Mugs…a stuffed monkey. My mother took him from me when I was 6. I still remember crying about it. Lesson: never ever destroy the lovey. 🙂

  7. Aw how sweet! My lovey was a small blue blanket with a bunny puppet on one corner. Blue bunny was his name (so original ;)) and I still have him (though C doesn’t like him like I had kinda hoped). 🙂

  8. I don’t even know if I had something I snuggled. My mom says I loved my bottle, babies and books. But I’m not sure if a blanket was in the mix or not? Cool idea for the company though because I know most children have their “special friend” they are attached to.

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