Help Me See


When the baby fusses and refuses other arms…let me be thankful she is healthy and here.

When the schedule goes awry and the schedule is a mess…let me remember that these plans are just plans.  

When the dishes are dirty and the counters are crowded…let me be thankful that we have a home to clutter.  

When the tv is small and the phone is outdated…let me remember that these things are just things. 

When the toys are littered and the laundry piled…let me be thankful for the souls that play and dirty the clothes. 

When the circumstances are frustrating and people disappoint…let me remember that this earth is not my home. 

When the inbox is full and another text comes…let me be thankful for loved ones that care. 

When the little boy whines and refuses to mind…let me remember January 18th, 2011.

When the meal-planning is laborious and the refrigerator stinks…let me be thankful for the food that we have. 

 When the clothes look boring and a little well-worn…let me remember that some would love to have my closet. 

When the hubby forgets and frustrates my heart…let me be thankful for the ways he faithfully loves and provides. 

When the car is old and a little small-fitting…let me remember that little ‘ol car was a gift I did not buy. 

When my free time is meager and my profession on hold…let me be thankful that my lap is full at home.  

When the budget is tight and the vacations sparse…let me remember the education I have. 

When the eyes have wrinkles and the jeans fit snug…let me be thankful that my worth is much more. 

When the days are long and the nights a bit tiring…let me remember that my life is but a fleeting breath.

When the friends are moving and the family is far…let me be thankful that I have people to miss. 

Lord, I truly need to see YOU in the midst of my days. 

In the places where I am blind, reveal your perspective.

In the moments when my sight is fractured, replace my eyes. 

In the moments when my vision becomes clouded, remove the film.

In the places where my vision is narrow, reopen my sight. 

In the moments when I am tempted to focus on the temporary, realign my eyes.

In the moments when my eyes are weak and straining, restore my sight. 

Oh Lord, be gracious to me and illumine the eyes of my heart. 


4 thoughts on “Help Me See

  1. excellent, Jessica! I need this reminder about giving thanks in the day to day frustrations of parenting… especially when the kids don’t sleep when I think they’re supposed to, and I feel like I can’t get “anything done.” Just to have healthy children is a huge gift in itself!

  2. I love the glass half full attitude. It’s a tough at times, with all the juggling. But Jessica, in a blink you’ll be writing about them going off to college.
    Now that blog will be a year jerker.

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