Milk: It’s Good for the Soul

I don’t know about you (mother or not) but finding the time AND then making the time to be in the Word these days is quite the feat. 

Between juggling juice requests, stain-sticking soiled onesies, paying those bills…bills…bills, being potty escort, making grocery lists and trips, returning overdue messages, teaching hearts and training minds, scrambling to shower, snuggling souls, recording milestones, bandaging boo-boo’s, feeding hungry mouths, pretending to be a police officer, finding my phone so I can return those overdue messages, managing the dust, and also attempting to be a somewhat decent wife, friend, family member, and human…I am running crazy ALL DAY LONG. 

So after running water over the dirty egg pan earlier this week, filling a juice cup, securing a baby in the Bumbo, and re-heating my coffee for the second time (or maybe third…I lose count), I turned on a 22 minute show for my first-born and dashed for the dining room table.

As I reached for the Word and asked the Lord to open my heart, I began reading, and the Lord brought the following verse to my attention: 

“…like newborn babies long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation, if you have tasted the kindness of the Lord.”  1 Peter 2:2-3 

And though this verse was only one of the several passages highlighted in my Bible study that morning, I was struck by the simile (yay for literature terms) found within these verses.

Though I didn’t have time to ponder this beautiful comparison in the moment (remember, it’s already a feat that I have found AND made time to study the Word), I promised myself that I would sit down (at some point in the week) and dwell a little further. 

In my mind, I should have added a disclaimer to that promise because I really had NO desire to ponder this lovely picture during a middle-of-the-night feeding, but that’s when it happened. I guess not only did the Lord have my undivided attention, but the embodiment of those verses was also laying sleepily across my lap. 

Before I continue on with my thoughts and using the picture of a nursing babe, let me make the following statement: Though I happen to be breastfeeding right now, I support both bottle and breast…WHATEVER works for you and your baby! This is not intended to be a commentary on which is better. 

And with that small (yet important) disclaimer out of the way, I will commence. 

As I sat there in the rocker, nursing my sweet girl, I started to flesh out this comparison in my mind. So what do babies longing for milk have in common with believers longing for the Word? Well, apparently more than I had originally realized before this early-morning feeding occurred. 

Milk and the Word both…

nourish the body and quench the thirst 

bring a sense of peace and calm

offer security and stability 

allow for a time of bonding 

provide growth 

can be a source of satisfaction 

are purer than other imitations that attempt to soothe and satisfy 

Simply put, the Word nourishes us, calms us, roots us, grows us, satisfies us, and bonds us to the Lord in a way that NOTHING else can even begin to offer us. 

Looking further into the comparison, Peter suggests that babies and believers should share the commonality of “longing.”

In the Greek, “long” can be further described with the words, “desire and pursue.” If you’ve ever observed a baby on mission for milk, it’s no wonder that Peter uses this comparison in urging believers to long for the Word as these eager babes hunger after milk. 

And why do babies long for milk?

Because those little tongues have had a taste of something they like, and they want MORE.

Why stop longing for a good thing, huh? Yeah, that’s pretty much what Peter is saying to these believers. “If you have tasted the kindness of the Lord,” why wouldn’t you long for more?

Keep desiring to know His character…Keep pursuing His Truths…Keep longing to hear His voice…


So as I carried that satisfied babe back to her crib, I left that rocker with one, giant take-away.

If the Word is good and the nourishment I need for my spiritual growth, then this FEAT of finding and making taking time for the Word had better be a priority…even if the egg pan is sitting dirty on the stove.

Picture Caption:

Instead of shocking the blog world with a picture of a nursing babe and possibly scaring some of you, I thought I would snap a picture of a babe who has recently been satisfied with MILK!  



3 thoughts on “Milk: It’s Good for the Soul

  1. If I thought that deeply about Scripture during a middle-of-the-night feeding, I’d wake myself up completely and never get back to sleep! You’re a champ. The depth of my thoughts are more like, “She’s cute …. Hi, God …. I love you both…..” and that’s about it. I used to tell people I’d pray for them while nursing because it was great praying time, but all I got out in the middle of the night was their name. I figured God knew the rest.

    Anyway, love your posts. 🙂

  2. I am thankful for mommas like you who admit to the very real struggle of finding (MAKING) time for God’s Word in the chaos of our day. Knowing I’m not alone in that struggle is a weird source of encouragement to me. That sounds bad. 🙂 But you know what I mean? You could have easily left that part out of your post and no one would have known the difference, and there’s too much of that going around in the mommy blog world…the picture perfect, have-it-all-figured-out super mom. Thankful that God’s grace is sufficient and He remains ever faithful to me even when I’m not making the time for Him.

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