A Give-a-Way on Monday!

If you have been following my blog, you know that I am doing a monthly “give-away-fun-stuff-for-a-good-cause,” and it’s that time again! Free stuff with a purpose! Can I get a “WOO-WOO!?”

So, since it’s August…let’s do a BACK TO SCHOOL give-a-way!

The bins of markers (perfect tips), the shelves of binders (no cracks and bends), the racks of book bags (with zippers that work), the packs of lined paper (free of red pen marks), the boxes of #2 pencils (test-ready), the aisles lined with lunch boxes (void of PB&J leftovers), the crates of notebooks (awaiting assignments), and of course…the crates of PLANNERS!! Seriously, who doesn’t like a brand-new, lovely-covered planner to hold their color-coded homework assignments!?! Okay, okay, so maybe I was the only child who got thrills and chills over my August planner!?! Anyone else willing to confess?? Raise your hand; you’re not alone!

I will not be angry at all if one of you slips and tells my husband that I would love this Vera Bradley planner…not even a little angry.



Anyway, moving on…

For some kids, packing their brand-new book bags with their Lisa Frank binders (I think I just told you I was born in the 80’s) and super cool gel pens is both exciting AND expected.

While for other kids, the school supply list is just another piece of paper reminding them of what they don’t have AND can’t buy.

So what am I giving away this month? Well, I’m glad you asked because this month is going to require a little effort and give on your part!

In the comment section below, reminisce about your school days gone by and share the supply that you were most excited to buy as a youngster. 

Using a random lottery system, two of you lucky winners will be chosen on Wednesday to receive a $20 gift card to Target (one of my favorite places on this planet) in the hopes that you will either buy school supplies to donate to your local school…give them to a student who needs helping filling their book bag this school year…or any other creative way that you can find to use this money to help a student in need. Oh, and I’ll also be sending those winners a $5 Starbucks gift card to help fuel them as they shop and give.

And if you’re sad that you’re not one of Wednesday’s winners, no worries! Nothing is stopping YOU from giving TOO!











21 thoughts on “A Give-a-Way on Monday!

  1. Oh, that´s easy. My favorite supply was my supply box! It always had to be one of the cheapest ones, of course, but that´s okay because I´m an anal organizer so organizing all of my supplies in the box made me happy. 🙂 Confession: As a teacher, I always loved the first day of school when the kids brought their brand new supplies and I could see everyone´s supply boxes. I may or may not have been anal about them having organized supply boxes all year long… 🙂 Oh, and fyi, if my name gets chosen, the gift card will go to my dear sister who can shop for me since I am “unavailable”. 🙂 I´ll use the Starbucks gift card when I´m back on US soil!

  2. Oh… it was all about the right binder and matching folders to go in it for each subject! My favorite was the year I got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Binder, but then had a different character for each one of my subjects. Of course… whichever subject Michaelangelo held, was obviously the subject I kicked in the face! 😉

  3. My favorite was brand new notebooks and folders. Especially the Five Star notebooks, college ruled of course! I always enjoyed a new gym nag for basketball practice too. Something about the new supplies was refreshing to me!!!!! Probably pairs with my OCD……

  4. I definitely get excited about back to school supplies! I use this as a time to stock up school supplies for our sponsored child, Moses, in Uganda. His family enjoys this too! 🙂

    My favorite supply was also my planner. I inwardly agonize each August about the purchase of a new planner. I want one…I “need” one…right? Forget the cozi app that links Dustin’s schedule with mine so that we can conveniently add or subtract events or reminders to help keep one another informed…. There’s just something about filling out that planner!

  5. Woohoo!! I love giveaways that go both ways! You’re so fun! I would always get excited about how I was going to decorate my locker. Choosing which pictures was quite the ordeal. Then of course I added in some magnets, a pencil holder, mirror, the whole bit. 🙂

  6. I definitely got most excited about the “trapper keeper” binder I would get each year, outfitted with corresponding folders and tabs for each subject. I can’t remember if everything was color coordinated but given my obession with said organization as an adult, I have to believe they were! 🙂

  7. Trapper keeper! Picking out the folders and organizing the order you placed them in the 3 rings could make the OCD in this little girl squeal with delight! Cute idea Jess 🙂

  8. What a cool idea, Jess! I can’t remember what my favorite school supply was, but I do remember loving Lisa Frank stuff way back in the day, so I’m sure I had some awesome Lisa Frank notebooks!

  9. My favorite was totally the trapper keeper!! Loved the designs to choose from and folders inside! I actually saw one just last week and almost bought it simply for the memories, except my sister wasn’t there with me to want the exact same one! 😉

  10. You are so generous and fun! Our church is doing a back to school shopping basket for people in Jamaica. One of our teachers is visiting there and they can’t get supplies, so we get to buy more crayons, markers, and index cards! So fun!

    And Jess, I am totally with you on the planner thing! That was my favorite back to school item (if you can also include the necessary gel pens to homework code and stickers to decorate). I still love buying an annual planner and use it every day! My life would be chaos without it!

  11. I will follow suit with the trapper keeper and planner – OCD heaven! I still enjoy buying my planner each year and totally encourage the purchase of the gorgeous Vera Bradley planner. I always had one of those in college!!

  12. I love this idea!! Just don’t forget to remind the winners to use the cartwheel app to get more supplies for your money;-)

    I loved markers. And pens. And pencils. Oh wait, I still do! I loved pulling out a new set of markers- just the best! 🙂

  13. Planners and NOTEBOOKS! I absolutely adore clean, unused notebooks!
    Confession: I still geek out over buying my personal planner every year AND the icing on the cake is the FAMILY calendar!!!!! *insert me gushing!*


  14. I don’t remember any awesome school supplies way back in the day! However, my love for school supplies has grown over time even though I haven’t been a student for many years. I love things that help me pretend to be organized the best!

  15. I still love to walk through the “school supplies section!” In France, at least in the southern parts, it was the only time you could buy binders…otherwise they were quite difficult to find.

    I too loved decorating my locker, putting up pictures, organizing my different colored binders and covering my books with paper bags. 🙂

    Okay, what was my favorite school supply?! I would definitely have to say it was the new pens and pencils, the loose leaf paper (oh how I love the smell) and if I could convince my Mom, a new set of BOLD crayola markers. I loved using these colors to doodle and make encouragement cards throughout the year….maybe more than taking notes. 😉

    Such a cute idea Jess! If for some J or I win, you can keep the $5 starbucks and treat us when you are here in November!! (yes, we have a Starbucks about 10 minutes from here).

  16. I loved (and still love) the smell of new crayons. I always was fascinated with the different names of the crayons. Macaroni and cheese is my fav… Yum!!

  17. I remember that we used to dedicate just one shopping trip for school supplies for you and Justin b/c it took so long for you to choose ! Today, I still love browsing the office supply rows and shopping for my OCC boxes. I love when Wal-Mart has the bins overflowing with so many of the back to school items and the look on the clerks face when I fill my cart and she asks
    ” how many kids do you have”?

  18. Haha. My mom never took up with her! I guess 4 kids yanking favorites and knocking piles of folders over was too much for her. 😉 However, diving in after she got home, my favorite thing was to sharpen all the pencils by hand with one of those old school hand cranking ones attached to the wall. I loved those things!

  19. I LOVED hearing about all of your school memories and especially loved hearing that I am not alone in my anal tendencies! In fact, it sounds like some of you may even take the cake on organization! 🙂 Julie Anderson and Megan Ferguson were this month’s give-a-way winners! If any of you decide to do this on your own, I would love to hear your stories about what you did and how you gave!

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