Who Doesn’t Like A Give-Away?

If you have known me for any length of time, you probably know the following things about me:

1. I love games. 2. I love free things. 3. I love giving gifts. 4. I love helping people in need.

So…why not use my blog (once a month) to host a game where I give you free things while also supporting a good cause?

“Brilliant,” you say? Why yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking!

So, to kick off this very first give-away, I thought I would highlight a fair-trade boutique that helps women in need.

“Global Girlfriend directs the charity royalty from each purchase to GROW (Girls’ Right to Opportunity Worldwide), a GreaterGood signature program dedicated to girls’ education. Every dollar raised will provide a girl with one day of education at the primary or secondary level by providing uniforms, books, tuition, room and board, safe travel to school, and any number of other typical barriers to a girl’s education.”

Learn more about their cause and check out their unique products HERE!

If you happened to read my blog post from last week, Imitations and Counterfeits, you may also know that I love scarves.

So, here’s how you can win one of these lovely scarves (of your choosing, of course…not everyone looks fabulous in gold): 43965


In the comment section below, tell me your favorite accessory to wear AND why!

Using a random lottery system, the winner will be chosen and notified on Friday! Happy Commenting!

29 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Like A Give-Away?

  1. Oooh!!! I love scarves, too. But…I don’t want to look like a suck up. The accessory I love and wear most is my rainbow and amber necklace from Casa Rabasa. I wore it to my OB appointment, when I expected to hear I was miscarrying, as reminder of God’s faithfulness – no matter what!

  2. What a great idea! Next to scarves, I think my favorite accessory is the pair of pearl earrings Brandon got me for Christmas two years ago. He got them from the Monterey Bay Aquarium while we were living in Monterey, so every time I wear them they remind me of our time there. In addition to that, I feel like pearl earrings can give any outfit a touch of class, even yoga pants (which have become a wardrobe staple at the end of pregnancy and in the months following).

  3. My favorite accessory are the three rings I wear almost every day – my grandmother’s wedding band, my Mom’s engagement gold band, and my elephant hair ring from South Africa. … All have sentimental value.

  4. My favorite accessory is a chunky statement necklace. It can make any outfit pop and if I haven’t showered (oh no!) and my hair is looking less than perfect I feel that people are looking at the necklace and not at my hair. (Maybe that’s wishful thinking)

  5. I never leave home without an infinity scarf BUT my fav are my simple gold stud earrings. They are understated and pair perfectly with everything!

  6. I think this falls into the “accessory” category but I LOVE purses. I can’t get enough. My grandma always loved purses and I think it rubbed off on me. Each time I would visit her house she would give me one of her purses…the more glitter and gold the better. I still have some of them and they always make me smile.

  7. Necklaces!! They’re so feminine and beautiful and draw attention away from my chest that has nursed continually for the last 3 years and looks a little less stellar than it once did.

    Wait, did I say that out loud?!?


  8. my jade ring im never with out it since I was 12 n got it from my pappy 🙂 this is a great cause education of girls is a need we should all care about

  9. Great idea!
    My favorite accessory is earrings. Similar to scarves, earrings can give one simple outfit a casual, but finished look, or a more formal, elegant look. Would you say scarves are your favorite accessory?

  10. Cute Ideas Jessica! My favorite accessory is my Pandora bracelet! I have a charm for each of my children, myself and my husband. That way even when I am apart from them they are never truly far away! :o)

  11. I would say earrings are my favorite accessory. I tend to wear my silver hoops (when my babies aren’t at the age of pulling on them constantly =)) b/c they go with almost anything (at least I like to think so, but maybe they’re way outdated!?) I am not one to keep up with trends… so if I have nothing “stylish” to go with an outfit, usually I go for the hoops.

  12. I like this idea! You’re such a sweet girl! and I miss you much! I love reading your stories on FB and now I’m excited about your blog!!! 🙂 Makes me feel connected when we’re so far away! 🙂

    My favorite accessory is my engagement ring and wedding ring. Many seem to just put it on daily or just wear it daily without thinking about it ever again….I love to think about what it means and the memories of when I got the rings. When Ron proposed and all the planning up to our wedding day.

    Next to that I started with a thing for scarves and was making the “crocheted” ones but want some nice thin/lightweight ones.

  13. Well, I guess, a long necklace. It’s supposed to.make you look like you have lost some weight. THAT’S WHAT THEY SAY. can’t say that I believe them!

  14. Love earrings always have to have them 🙂 feel werid if I don’t have them in my favorite our ones my husband bought for our wedding day present

  15. Well, I’m a big scarf person, but at risk of sounding sappy, my engagement and wedding rings. Hubby picked them out himself and they perfectly fit my personality and style 🙂

  16. I would say my purse! My mom bought/had one made for me for my birthday. I got to pick the fabrics! No, I don’t really wear it, but I use it every day. It is practical and fun! Just looking at it makes me smile! 🙂

  17. I love a good necklace. I feel like it enhances any outfits. I like than it can be a focal piece or a subtle one.

  18. My 10 euro knock off watch from the local market, because it tells me what time it is, and even has a stop watch for those competitive moments I have with myself in the grocery store to see if I can get the groceries faster than last time! 😉

  19. What a great idea Jess! You have grown up into an amazing woman! My favorite accessory are hats. On my busy mom mornings after showering, I can just throw on a hat and go! Also, an inexpensive but very special little heart necklace that Langdon got me at Santa’s workshop in first grade.😊

  20. It depends on the season. 🙂 Summer, I like wearing a necklace my South Africa friends gave me- it’s just a simple silver flipflop. In Winter I wear a scarf every day cause I like how it adds to the outfit, but also for warmth cause my office is cold. 🙂

  21. Normally I would say scarves, but since it’s summer and a little warm for that I have a different pick. It would be a silver bracelet given to me by a young woman I mentored for about two years. I’m not good at picking out jewelry, so a bracelet that seems to look great with everything and has sentimental meaning has moved to the top of my favorite list!

  22. Fun question!! First I would say my wedding band/engagement ring! Then I would say my origami owl necklace that represents all my little ones! I also love scarves and earrings and rarely leave the house with out one or the other!!

  23. I have LOVED reading all of your fun responses!! Seriously, now I know what to send each of you should I ever decide to play the “accessory fairy!” To answer some of your questions, my favorite accessory is usually a scarf but right now, I am LOVING these new diamond (super fake from Old Navy) studs that I recently bought! They had a little sparkle and go with EVERYTHING (i.e. yoga pants, t-shirts, hair up in a messy bun…like my everyday attire)!

    Oh, and the winner is…drum roll…Elizabeth Ericson!!

    Thanks for playing and stay tuned for the give-a-way in August…dum dum dum…

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