Imitations and Counterfeits

I’m pretty convinced these days that if our baby girl could talk AND chuck, she would chuck that green hospital pacifier across the room, give us the eye of scorn (unfortunately, she’s already mastered that skill),  and scream,  “Ain’t nobody got time for that thing!”

“Give me your smiling face.”

“Give me your eyes.”

“Give me your undivided attention.”

“Give me your arms.”

“Give me your milk.”

“Give me YOU!”


Not to be fooled with counterfeit pacifiers and  fraudulent soothers, this girl knows what she wants.

Look into her eyes, and she finds calm.

Reach for her hand, and she finds rest.

Talk with her, and she finds peace.

Hold her tightly, and she finds comfort.

Attempt to give her anything in place of YOU, and she will instantaneously sniff out that imitation and resist.

This girl knows what she needs to calm her angsty soul.

Oh, to be like our Evie Rae! Oh, to NOT do what I so often do!

I’ll admit it; I can be a filler-junkie!

A new book, a fun scarf (those always fit and never make my butt look big), a set of napkin rings…I feel more content (in the moment).

Chipotle, chocolate, chips (never get in the way of me and my bag of Doritos), a coke…I feel like I can cope (in the moment).

Affirmation from my husband, encouragement from my friends, 67 “likes” on my status…I feel like I have value (in the moment).

Clean counters, dusted end-tables (dust=result of the fall), folded clothes …I feel like I am stable (in the moment).

Obedient children, thankful children, patient children (is perfect possible?)…I feel like I am good (in the moment).

Bottom line: I can run hard and fast after everything and anything that will give me peace, value, stability, and worth (in the moment). And if I’m being 100% authentic, I have recently been convicted of the ways I have been (unintentionally and intentionally) seeking the counterfeit while forsaking the REAL-THING.

Numbing the fears, easing the insecurities, soothing the pain, and alleviating the chaos, I search for the fakes and the quick fixes to pacify my soul. I reach for the frauds to satiate my desires, and I grasp for the forged to fill my heart. And though none of these things are inherently bad (how in the world could the scarves at Target or Nacho Cheese Doritos be bad??), they were never meant to SATISFY me.

In fact, the only ONE that was ever meant to satisfy me was the very ONE who created my soul; the ONE who not only knows the best way(s) to satisfy my soul, but also the ONE who has the power to fill it.

I love His promise in Psalm 107:9: “For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.”

Oh, that my soul would be faithfully found seeking Him to fulfill!

Oh, that my soul would be steadfast in the face of the fraudulent and exclaim,  “Ain’t nobody got time for that thing!”







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