“Heap it!”

I really do wish I had $1 for every time Caden asked me for permission to do something. I’m pretty sure that if I faithfully collected the cash for each authorization sought, I would skip the bag of store-brand coffee and opt for the bag of Starbucks in aisle five. Seriously, I really should start charging!

“Mommy, can I eat my cucumber next?”

“Mommy, could I go downstairs and play with my trains?”

“Mommy, can I use soap to wash my hands?”

“Mommy, can I turn on my fan?”

“Mommy, can I wear these shoes?”

“Mommy, could I eat that other cucumber next?”

You name it, and he asks for consent.

This is a good thing, right?

I should be grateful for his submissive heart.

I should be elated that he wants me to approve of his plans.

I should be humbled that he cares about my opinion.

Right? Right? Right?

Ummm…well…uh…if I’m being a bazillion percent honest, sometimes my tired ears just want to hear silence. I don’t want to hear his requests. I don’t want to know about his plans. I don’t want to constantly be approving the “everyday-we do this all the time-today is no different-you know you can do that” requests.

Yesterday was one of those days. I’m pretty sure there were 347 requests before noon (okay, slight exaggeration)…it FELT like 347!!

After securing the babes in their respective nests for their afternoon naps, I sat down with my cup of store-brand coffee, lit the summer candle, and pulled out my Bible for a little soul-refreshment and heart-perspective.

I was completely blown away by the phrase that kept repeating itself as I read in various passages.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do…” -Proverbs 16:3

“Commit your way to the Lord…” -Psalm 37:5

The Hebrew word for “commit” is to “roll away” and “to heap.”

As I read in Psalm 25, I found David doing just that. He was “rolling away” and “heaping” his plans upon the Lord, begging for His guidance and pleading for His instruction.

“Make me know your ways, O Lord…teach me…instruct me…lead me…guide me…”

David’s heart was a submissive heart. He wanted the Lord to know of his ways and to approve of his plans. He cared about the Lord’s opinion.

And how does the Lord respond? Does he tire? Does he desire silence? Does he close His ears and run into the other room?

Not at all.

In Psalm 25, He “instructs sinners in the way…He leads the humble…He teaches the humble…”


Again, I find the perfect picture of a faithful Father who lovingly, graciously parents His children.

He wants us to ask, seek, and knock (Matthew 7).

He wants to hear us. He wants to fellowship with us. He wants to help us.

He never tires of our rambles, our rants, and our ridiculous high-maintenance souls.

It’s like God is saying, “Roll it…heap it…bring it! I have open ears AND a plan…start talking!”

I got up from the dining room table, left my half-empty coffee cup, and decided to take some cues from Caden as I headed to the couch.

In those next quiet moments, I spent some time doing what Caden does so well, asking for CONSENT, bringing my PLANS, and seeking His opinion.




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