Let it Rain! Let it Rain! Let it Rain!

This morning after seeing the leftover puddles from last night’s rain:

C: Mommy, I don’t have an umbrella.
M: You’re right. You don’t.
C: When I was with MaeMae and Papa at the Thomas train station, they had a Thomas umbrella.
M: Oh really?
C: Yeah, and I liked it, but I did not ask for it. 

Cue: Mommy being thankful for our little guy seeing something he liked and knowing not to ask for more than he had been offered.

Later this morning:

M: Hey Caden. Would you like to go look for an umbrella?
C: Sure, Mommy!
M: Now listen, buddy. I don’t know how much umbrellas are, so I’m not sure if we’ll be able to get one.
C: Okay. If they too much, we not get one.
M: Right, but we’ll see.

Cue: Mommy being thankful for our little guy not throwing a fit when I told him that a Thomas umbrella might not be in our budget.

Side Note: I honestly figured that if we did in fact find a toddler umbrella within our budget, there would probably not be a Thomas umbrella.

At Meijer:

M: Caden! Look! There’s a Thomas umbrella!
C: Is it too much?
M: No, buddy. It’s not.
C: We get it?
C: Look, Mommy! I have an umbrella like you! I big!

Cue: Mommy being thankful for our little guy asking again about the price and not assuming that the Thomas umbrella would be his.

After leaving Meijer:

C: We use my umbrella?
M: No, not now. We’ll have to wait for rain.
C: Okay, Mommy! We go outside and use it when it rains.
M: Okay, buddy, but I’m not sure if it will rain or not.

2nd Side Note: I honestly thought that the forecast had been calling for “no rain” for the rest of the day.

Cue: Mommy being thankful for our little guy’s patience (yet again) but worried that his patience might run out.

Tonight at dinner:

C: Daddy, when it rains, I’ll get to use my new Thomas umbrella. Right now, it hangs on my hook!

8:15 PM:

C: Mommy! Mommy! It’s raining! It’s raining!!!!

Cue: Mommy being thankful for God bringing unexpected rain.

I have no clue if it was sent as a reward for his patience but either way, I was blessed by our son’s patience today.



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