Wait! Where’s my cake?


Yes, I do love my children.
No, I don’t want to give my children away.
Yes, I am cherishing this season of life.
No, I don’t enjoy every moment of this season.
Yes, I have feelings.
No, I will not hide those feelings.
Yes, I am blessed.

Commence Post:

Parenting is…

-like riding a roller coaster…sometimes it’s a whole lot of fun and giggles and other times you want to scream your head off and jump from the top.

-not for my happiness.

-like listening to the same song over and over and over and over again…and again…and one more time.

-not about me.

-like waking up every morning and being told that someone a 1/4 of your size is going to try and take control of your life.

-not for the faint of heart.

-like being given a map with 3,489 ways to get to the destination…oh, and it’s in a foreign language and everyone else has their idea as to the BEST way to get to the destination.

-not how we often portray it.

-like being told that there is one piece of chocolate cake left and you will most likely give that piece to someone else…EVERY DAY…and then clean up the sticky crumbs.

-not about making you look good.

-like being told that you have to act your age even though you want to throw your own child-sized tantrum.

Incredibly thankful that I serve a God who controls the roller coaster, the radio, the small giant, the map, the cake, and the 30 year-old.

Constantly reminded that I am in need of His happiness, His perspective, His perseverance, His direction, and His servant-heart.

Definitely glad they are cute and His mercies are new EVERY morning!



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