“I’m just trickin’ you.”

Remember that time I was a horrible Mommy and thought I was being funny?Yeah, that was today.So, here’s the story:

Caden woke up this morning like he always does and immediately asks for his “Pasta Noodle,” his “Baby Evie,” his “yittle sister.” And every morning I tell him the exact same thing, “She’s out in the living room buddy.” Well, I didn’t do that today.

Caden has been super into jokes lately, so I thought I would play a little joke on him. Lately, this little trickster has been saying things like: “I trickin’ you, Mommy!” “I bein’ a goof.” I makin’ jokes on you.” So considering his recent jokester track record, I honestly thought he would say, “Mommy, you just kidding.”

Ummm…NOPE…didn’t happen that way, folks.

As seriously as I could be, I said, “Evie decided to move to another house…she thought this house was stinky.”

Within seconds (and if you know my kiddo at all, anger comes before tears if the tears even come), he bursts into hysterical sobbing.

“No, No…Mommy, I want her to live here. She not live anywhere else. I miss her. Please bring her back!”

He absolutely fell apart. Huge alligator tears rolling down his face, jumping up and down, racking sobs. He was a mess within split seconds.

Through my own stifled tears, I managed to quickly explain that I was just kidding.

“Oh buddy, Mommy was just kidding…Evie is still sleeping in her room. She’s here. She’s not going anywhere. She’s staying.”

He looked at me, thought for a second, and emphatically stated, “I’m going up there now!” There was no stopping that big brother. He was on a mission, and he was not to be stopped. He had to see his sister.

As I collected myself and thought about this joke gone horribly wrong, it made me stop and thank the Lord for this special bond that has already budded between these two little ones.

We didn’t teach Caden how to love Evie…he just does.

In fact, she doesn’t really offer him a whole lot of anything yet. She doesn’t talk to him, play with him, ask for him, laugh at him, or spend time with him.

And YET, he still loves her with an incredibly powerful love.

He loves that little girl with a love that I can’t really explain, a love that goes beyond my understanding, and a love that doesn’t require a whole lot in return.

He loves her because she’s his sister. He loves her because she’s his.

Got me thinking…that’s kind of like God’s love for us (only way, way, way more perfect than Caden’s love for his “pasta noodle”).

God loves us not for WHO we are or WHAT we do for Him. He simply loves us because we’re His. In fact, He loves us because He not only epitomizes love, He created love. We love because He FIRST loved.

Today, I am thankful for a God who loves us with a “Never Stopping, Never Giving up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love” (Jesus Storybook Bible).

And though I will never do it again, I am thankful for this sweet reminder that came from a joke went wrong.


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