Savoring the Fleeting

There will always be…

laundry to wash…e-mails to write…sinks to clean…food to prepare…pictures to be organized…beds to make…phone calls to return…messes to fix…Shutterfly books to finish…coffee to drink…dishes to unload…parties to host…texts to send…clothes to put away…books to read…walks to take…

but sometimes I just need to enjoy what’s in front of me.

Not worrying about what I didn’t do, need to do, or want to do…but rather soaking up the present moments.

Savoring the moments, appreciating the present, basking in the here and now, and dwelling in these short-lived moments…this is something that this Busy Mama Bee is praying for these days.

Lord, give me peace to revel at the beauty in front of me.


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