My Life is Big…no, REALLY!

If I’m being 100% honest, sometimes my life seems small.

Potty. Clothes. Breakfast. Morning show. Nurse. Clean up breakfast. Vitamins. Brush teeth. Play. Chores. Learning Time. Nurse. Play.  Potty. Lunch. Clean up lunch. Read. Potty. Nap. Nurse. FREE TIME. Dinner prep. Potty. Afternoon Show. Dinner. Clean up dinner. Nurse. Play. Baths. Snack. Potty. Read. Chores. FREE TIME. Nurse. BED.

This is a typical day. This is our routine. On the surface, this is my life.

Days filled with the needs, the wants, and the demands of my children. Days riddled with a routine schedule dictated by the needs, wants, and demands of my children. Days that can be super long and yet incredibly fast.

The hours, the minutes, the seconds…they fly by me. And before I know it, I crawl into bed. For 7-8 short, sweet hours, my body rests. It rests for what?  Oh yeah, in preparation for a day ahead that looks strangely similar as the one before.

If I think about my days like this, my life seems REALLY, REALLY SMALL.


And on the way to the park this morning, I was thinking like this. I was having a small, whiny pity party inside my head while the baby bounced in the carrier on my chest and the toddler shifted in the stroller ahead. I was battling with these thoughts this morning, and I was going nowhere pleasant with them.

As I was praying, thinking, and asking for perspective, I recalled a friend telling me once, “Jessica, we live with unbelievers.”

And as I mulled and chewed on that thought for our 18 minute walk to the park, it dawned on me with fresh perspective.

My life isn’t small. In fact, my life is big!

Each and every day, I have the privilege and opportunity to be on MISSION.

My home is a MISSION FIELD.

Each and every day, I have the privilege of being a LIGHT to my children, pointing them toward Jesus.

Each and every day, I have the opportunity to DISCIPLE my children, guiding them in the direction of Truth.

Each and every day, I have the honor to TEACH AND PREACH to my children, impressing on their hearts the Good News.

Each and every day, my life is BIG. REAL BIG.


In the really small moments of my very routine days, there are BIG things being sown!  In the really tiny moments of my very long days, there are BIG things being learned! In the very fleeting moments of my scheduled days, there are BIG things growing.

I am planting seeds. I am on mission. I am doing KINGDOM WORK. That is BIG. That is REAL BIG.

My attitude, my words, my priorities, my tone, my spirit…are all a part of something BIG.

And though God has not called each one of us to be a stay-at-home mom, or even a mom at all, He has called each and every one of us to be a part of His Kingdom work. The enemy hates Kingdom work. In fact, the enemy wants nothing more than to thwart God’s plans and steal His glory. Bottom line, the enemy wants me to think my world is small because he knows that God is capable of carrying out REALLY BIG things through His people in the really small, routine, scheduled days.





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