The Waiting Game

“Buddy, you just need to be patient a little longer.”

Patience. It’s hard, and it’s “NO FUN!” And for the past two months, I’ve been consistently asking Caden to be patient.

“One second buddy, I need to feed your sister.”

“I’ll play as soon as I’m finished folding the clothes.”

“One minute. Mommy needs to finish making dinner.”

“Caden, could you hold on a sec? Mommy needs to check on Baby Evie real quick.”

Over and over, I keep asking for his patience.

Sometimes he’s a hot mess about being patient and throws a royal fit, leaving me with needing a heap of patience myself.  While other times, like this morning, he grabbed his blankie, crawled to the couch, and curled up beside me. He was content as he waited. He was still while he waited. He was calm while he waited. He stopped questioning the wait and just rested.

For a split second, I was proud of this little guy and his choice to wait, but then my heart got a little sad. I was sad because though I know that patience is a virtue, I also know what it’s like to wait. I know that it’s hard. I know that it’s not easy to wait for what we want. It’s definitely not fun to wait, and it’s certainly not easy to wait patiently with contentment.

As Caden’s Mommy, I wanted to rescue him from his wait. I wanted to hurry up and meet his needs because I love him. I wanted to give him what he wanted, and I wanted to answer him all the more quickly because of HOW he was waiting.

I was tempted to stop the wait for him, to rescue him from the wait.

I didn’t.

I remained still and let him wait, knowing in that moment that he was learning the value of waiting. He was growing in his wait. He was possibly changing in his wait.

And as I sat pondering this while a baby nursed and a toddler waited, I began to think about my own waits and the waits of others that I love. I began thinking about my HEAVENLY FATHER. In fact, I began thinking about how and what He feels as He watches us wait. I guess there are times when I have wondered if He really cares about our wait. I have wondered if He really sees the pain of patience.

And today, for the first time, I wondered if He ever desires to rescue us from the wait.

If I, an imperfect Mommy, want something good for my son, how much more must a PERFECT GOD want good things for His children? I wonder if He longs to rescue us from our wait. I wonder if He yearns to relieve the patience we are learning to endure.  I wonder if He feels all those things and YET remains still, knowing that we are growing, learning, being sanctified in our wait.

And today, for the first time, I had a real-life, tangible, no-joke picture of how the Lord might feel when He watches us wait. How he feels when He watches His children waiting (not with tantrums and grumbling attitudes), but with calmness and contentment, curled by His side…seeking His presence…resting …waiting patiently for the wait to end.

Psalm 37:7: “Rest in the LORD and wait patiently for Him.”

What does it say? Wait for (insert prayer request of your choice) the WHAT to be given? No, it answers with a WHO. Wait for Him, wait with Him, and wait on Him. HE is what we truly need in our moments of wait. He is what gives us contentment and calmness as we wait.




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