No “Best-Most-Awesome-Super-Fun-Mom” Award for Me

Confession 1: Today, I yelled at my husband.
Confession 2: Today, I yelled at my husband in front of my child.
Confession 3: Today, my son cried when I yelled at his daddy.

Ouch. Double Ouch. Triple Ouch.

My sin was offensive to God. My sin was hurtful to my husband. My sin was scary to my son. 

I felt like crap. No “best-most-awesome-super-fun-mom” award would be awaiting me at the end of the day. I failed. I fell horribly short. I screwed up.

As I thought quickly about how to redeem the situation and try to use it as a teaching moment, I found my words to be a humbled, fumbled string of words.

“Caden, I am sorry that I yelled at daddy. That was wrong of me. That was not nice. I should not have yelled. I should have been more patient. Caden, I am not perfect. I make mistakes.”

Clutching his blankie and with tears still rolling down his face, he looks at me and says, “Mommy, I sometimes yell. I throw my toys. I not perfect. Jesus perfect.”

Stunned and now with big tears of my own, I managed to whisper, “You’re right buddy…we need Jesus to help us because we all make mistakes.”

And in that moment, I was reminded that I didn’t need to worry about redeeming that moment. WHY? Well, because Jesus already did. He redeemed it the minute He hung on the cross and died for all of my sins (past, present, and future). He had already forgiven my OUTBURST.

Caden was right, and I needed to hear HIS TRUTH through his little voice. I AM NOT PERFECT, BUT HE IS. I fall short, but He does not. I screw up, but He restores all things.

I don’t have to be the “PERFECT MOM” because HE is the SPOTLESS LAMB.



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