Repeat Praise

Wake up…ask for strength.
Make breakfast…ask for endurance.
Correct, instruct, discipline..ask for patience.
Respond to the 10th request to play pirates…ask for joy.
Attempt to feed a sleepy newborn…ask for wisdom.
Address the fears in your head…ask for peace.
Confess the sin in your heart…ask for forgiveness.

Smell that sweet baby skin…praise Him.
Hear his little voice count to 13...praise Him.
Receive an encouraging note in the mail…praise Him.
Embrace the sunshine through the window…praise Him.
Feel that 8 lb. lump on your chest…praise Him.
Hear, “I love you so much, Mommy”…praise Him.

Remember His goodness and faithfulness…His sustaining power and covenant love…His track record of care…Today is good because He is good.




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